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The national cultural ensemble KIRMAS                                         Pisipilt 30. september 2005, kell 20:30 versioonile

The national cultural ensemble KIRMAS has existed under that name since 1985, but the ensemble’s history goes way back to the time when it operated under the wing of the Pärnu Metsakombinaadi Klubi and the instructor Ülle Jaeger. Ülle is involved with our doings also today, our leader today is highly experienced instructor Raivo Erm.

In Kirmas we have a main folk dance group, a women’s dance group and since 2016 also children’s folklore group. We work together with folk music perfomers and soloists. Through the decades Kirmas has performed with folklore programs, done folklore dance and singing performances and also set choreographies for the folk and stage dances.

linnapea Rita vastuvõtul

Main group in Indonesia, 2016

We have carried out events where the Estonian folk calendar holidays are introduced. Everything we have done pleases the eye and provides knowledge about our folklore culture, enriches our viewer’s fund of knowledge about folklore dance, music and songs. Important is that our dancers, soloists and musicians always enjoy their performances also themselves.

On the emblem of Kirmas there is a big tree with roots – Kirmas has through the years followed the custom that the continuity will be ensured by inheriting the songs and dances from our previous generations to our children. On the emblem the bole represents us, the roots our ancestry and the leafage our descendants. All generations are connected by love to the folklore.

We have been on festivals all over the world to give and introduce Estonian folklore into the


Woman’s group in Jõgeva, 2016

cultural heritage of the world.  Kirmas has participated in many international folklore festivals e.g. in Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Finland (lot of times, last at 2016), Latvia (2005, 2013), Sweden (many times, last at 2009), Belarus (2011), Canada (2012), Lithuania (2013, 2016), Russia (2013), Austria (2014) and Indonesia (2016), including the Europe’s biggest folk art festival Europeade and the international folklore festival Baltica. We also have participated in the All-Estonian Dance Festivals and in smaller dance and folklore events. Last in 2014 we participated in the All-Estonian Dance Celebration.

Our dance repertoire based on Estonian folk dances and on dances, created by Estonian choreographers. Also we perform folk dances of other countries.

Our dance groups always like to present and introduce to the viewers folklore program that founds on the old Estonian folk dances and dance games. We wish to demonstrate that in different Estonian parishes noted dances are similar, but in the same time also different. We participated with similar program also in the folklore festival Baltica. You can look this program in Youtube from this link:  Look there

In November 2015 we celebrated our 30th anniversary with great Jubileum Concert with lot of friends and guests.

From here you can see some videos of our performances:    Watch videos

You also welcome to look into our Facebook-page.

Kirmas welcome all with a video postcard!

Kirmas’ Welcome-Video for all our friends!


After small concert in our homestage at Raeküla Old School Center, first concert with our children’s group. Dec 02, 2016.



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